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“I Loved using all the apps and in particular working with Brandon, the Digital leader, who was extremely helpful. Looking forward to using these ideas in class!”

“Just keep doing these courses- they are so helpful as it’s great to know what works in other local schools.”

“Thank you for inspiring me to try new things on the ipad.”

“Very informative and inspiring thank you”

Apple RTC

Apple Regional Training Centres deliver courses to build the skills and confidence of educators to use Apple technology inside and outside the classroom. They are a community who share best practices and inspire excellence through teaching with Apple technology.

Being selected as an Apple Regional Training Centre highlights our commitment to facilitating training for teachers to develop skills and build confidence to use Apple technology in the classroom. 

Apple Regional Training Centres create a community to share best practice and support teaching staff to attain Apple Teacher status, a professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators.

Teachers from across the region can attend courses to build their knowledge and skills using technology in the classroom and earn badges to achieve their Apple Teacher recognition.

Across the UK and Ireland, the goals of all Apple Regional Training Centres are to:

  • facilitate training opportunities for teachers to develop skills using Apple technology in the classroom
  • promote Apple in Education and share new products and innovations with educators
  • build Apple Teacher across the region
  • share best practices, build community and inspire excellence.

To find out more, please visit the Apple Teacher website


Introduction to iPad - 22.09.17

Introduction to iPad

An introduction to what can be achieved with iPad in the primary classroom. Attendees will go-away with practical skills, shortcuts and iPad tips to use straight away in their classrooms. This course will also introduce the Apple Teacher program and get attendees started on the path to becoming an Apple Teacher.

Book Creator and iPad (Digital Story Telling) 13.10.17

Book Creator and iPad (Digital Story Telling)

In this course we will look at how Book Creator can be used to leverage great outcomes in writing and engage all writers. We will look at the many features the app has to offer as well as how students can create and publish their own books. We will also explore how it can help students with learning needs and how it can help to engage even the most reluctant writers.

Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking using iPad - 1.12.17

Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking using iPad

By looking at apps such as explain everything and number pieces we will explore how iPad can be used to help children understand reasoning problems and to visualise solutions to problems as well as document their thought processes. We will look at a number of apps that have applications across the many different aspects of maths and show how they can engage and enthuse learners.

Fostering Creativity with iPad 12.01.18

Fostering Creativity with iPad

With a focus on helping students and staff alike become more creative with their devices this course will show people how to get the best out of their iPads and how create fantastic and engaging content. Attendees will also see how the work in this session links directly to the Apple Teacher badges and how they can use content from this session to earn those badges. 

Assessment Using iPad - 26.01.18

Assessment Using iPad

This course will look at how assessment can be made to work for the teacher and pupils using a range of resources and content created by Apple Distinguished Educators. We will look at apps such as nearpod and plickers and discuss the data that they create and how this can be used in a meaningful way in the primary classroom. 

Accessibility on iPad - 23.03.18 

Accessibility on iPad

In this course we will look at the many accessibility options that can be exploited to help learners with many different needs and how iPad can be used for children with a range of different needs 
and requirements. 

Enhancing Productivity on iPad - Date TBC

Enhancing Productivity on iPad

This course will show attendees how to make sure that they are getting the most of out their IOS devices. We will look at ways to manage workflows for apps and how to help students and teachers alike when creating new content. Apple Teacher badges will be the focus of this session and attendees can look to brush-up on their iPad skills in general. 

Engaging Students with Video Content on IOS - 08.06.18

Engaging Students with Video Content on IOS

This course will look at how apps such as iMovie and DoInk Green screen can be used to create high quality movies and films and how this can be used to engage students in their work. We will also look at the cross-curricular application for film and explore how to use it in subjects such as history, maths, geography and science. 

Coding with Swift Playgrounds 29.06.18

Coding with Swift Playgrounds

This course will look at the new coding curriculum that Apple have written based around their coding language swift playgrounds. Attendees will be able to get hands on with a range of iPad coding resources as well be shown how to access ready-made coding lessons, plans and resources. As ever attendance at this session will benefit teachers who wish to try and achieve their Apple Teacher badges for coding.