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7/10/16 Creating with book-creator - Digital publishing at your fingertips

18/11/16 App-smashing and student created content

9/12/16 Personalised learning workflows and managing content on iPad

3/1/17 Developing effective leadership of learning technologies

20/1/17 iPads in action - Open ‘showcase’ afternoon. School tours and model lessons

3/3/17 Augmented reality in the primary classroom

24/3/17 QR Codes - The Secret Invasion

18/4/17 Effective Assessment and evidencing work on iPad

19/5/17 Padlet and peer feedback. Opening the four walls of the classroom

16/6/17 Digital leaders - the power of child led tech support

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Whaplode RTC

“I Loved using all the apps and in particular working with Brandon, the Digital leader, who was extremely helpful. Looking forward to using these ideas in class!”

“Just keep doing these courses- they are so helpful as it’s great to know what works in other local schools.”

“Thank you for inspiring me to try new things on the ipad.”

“Very informative and inspiring thank you”

Apple RTC

In January 2016 Whaplode Church of England Primary School was awarded the honour of becoming an Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC).

In our role as an RTC we are able to offer a number of free training sessions. Each of these session will run for the equivalent of a half day (3 hours) and they are aimed at professionals from all areas of education. They are designed to be practical and informative workshop sessions that help to develop the use of mobile technologies in your educational setting. For more information and course details please visit. www.whaplodeprimary.co.uk/RTC or email RTC@whaplode.lincs.sch.uk 

iPads at Whaplode: 

In the past three years there has been a big change in the way that technology is used at our school. Whereas students used to see technology in a very one dimensional way, with one originally stating that “We just do research on the iPads,” they are now able to create their own content and use a range of different apps to enhance and further their learning. We believe that children know now why they have an iPad.

At the beginning of this academic year every child in year 2,3,4,5 and 6 were given their own iPad mini. This allowed us, as educators, to open the children in our classes to an almost unlimited number of opportunities and to truly personalise their learning experience. Through the use of QR codes and apps such as educreations children are now able to receive personalised lesson input and marking feedback effectively creating, as one child said, “another adult in the room.” 

The children have commented on the usage of apps such as these in similar ways with one boy saying that he liked it because, “He could rewind the teacher on his iPad and he couldn’t always do that with the real one.” We also use apps such as nearpod to guide group work and the children use apps such as vittle to record, document and assess their own learning. 
This shift in usage has also led to a shift in attitudes as well. Children will now suggest different apps to use for certain tasks and they are able to help their peers overcome problems and create new content. They will now create videos, posters and presentations to help their peers with things that they find difficult. 

Some of the apps that we use include…

Evernote Skitch nearpod Thinking Blocks - Model your math problems  Educreations Vittle

The ADE Program..

In 2015 Mr Copeman was accepted into the Apple Distinguished Educators program. It has been a great honour to join such an elite and select group of educators from around the world and be able to share good practice with apple devices. This has helped us gain RTC status and also opened us to the wide range of things that are possible with apple devices.

Books Apple iBook store

In his ongoing role as an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) Mr Copeman has written and published two multi-touch books to the Apple iBook store. These books cover the use of the iPads that we have in school and detail how they are used to enhance and personalise learning for your children. Download them for free

Apple Teachers 21 April

This afternoon our Digital Leaders have been hard at work earning their "Apple Teacher” badges. What is even more impressive about this achievement is that the Apple Teacher material is aimed at teachers and educators and because of their fantastic skills using iPad the digital leaders were able to earn the badges as well.

We are all very proud of their hard work and achievements.

Apple Store visit

On Friday (November 27th) we were very lucky to be given the opportunity to take 8 of our year 6 children to the Apple Store in Cambridge. This opportunity arose through Mr Copeman’s work as an ADE and was a great chance for the children to show the work that they do with their iPads directly to Apple themselves. I am pleased to say that they did us absolutely proud and were great ambassadors for the school! They wowed the employees at Apple with the work that they have done and left them wanting to see more.

Feel free to click through the pictures below to see what they got up to.