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Reception Class

Hello and welcome to the Reception page of our school website.

Sealife Centre

 Reception class have been to the Sealife Centre at Hunstanton today

Fun at the Sealife Centre Playing on Hunstanton Beach

Fun in the Swimming Pool


All the children really enjoyed picking Strawberries in the Forest School area. They then got to eat them with ice-cream later in the day

We have been building dens in our forest school area

Summer Fun

Refurbished Cable Drums

Over half-term Mrs Aiken was extremely busy turing old, tired cable drums in to these wonderful resources. 

Holding our Chicks

Swimming with Mr Ruck and Mrs Aiken

All children had great fun during their first swimming session with Mr Ruck and Mrs Aiken. The whole session was focussed on building water confidence. The children had time to balance floats on their heads, walk through hoops, throw balls around the pool and put their heads under the water.

Fun in the swimming pool

Chicken eggs

This term we are looking after some chicken eggs. We are keeping them nice and warm in an incubator and hopefully in a few weeks we will have some Chicks! We are learning all about life cycles and soon we will be growing and realising some Butterflies.

We have been busy raising money for good causes

Fun During Science Week

The Evil Pea

We have done it, we have defeated the Evil pea. During lunch time our classroom door was taped off, we couldn't get in and we didn't know why. We crept around the school and very carefully went into the room through our other door. We found thousands of peas had taken over our classroom, but it was alright we had a plan. We made traps to catch the Evil peas and we squished, squashed and squeezed the peas until we had mashed them all.

World Book Day

World Book Day 20017

Shrove Tuesday

Enjoying pancakes on Shrove Tuesday


Reception are currently reading the story of Supertato and the the funniest thing has happened. Upon arriving in school this morning it looks as though the Evil Pea has been up to some mischief in our class. So for the next few weeks we will be spending lots of time looking into the Supertato and Evil Pea. This may involve - estimating, wanted posters, jelly making, setting traps and healthy eating etc.

Farm School Trip

Scout the Therapy Dog

Today Scout the Therapy Dog came and read two stories to Reception.  He and his owner Lorraine read ‘Bear’ and ‘Hairy  Maclary’, the whole class sat and listened beautifully. As a treat at the end Scout got to have some fuss from all the children.

In R.E we made a Friendship Web

The children had to roll the ball of string to a friend and say why they are special to them.


This term Reception will be spending lots of time looking at different kinds of Animals, ranging from Pets, Jungle Animals, Farm Animals and Nighttime Animals. The image below shows the children’s homework projects. Their task was to produce something about their favourite animal. 

We have been to see Santa

Christmas Jumper Day 2016

Christmas jumper day

Our New Reading Area

We are enjoying our new reading area

Shape Pizza

Our maths work this term has given the children the opportunity to explore shape. We decided that one of the best ways to do this was to use our knowledge of shape to help us create pizzas!

Our Stickman Day

To begin with we watched the DVD of 'The Stickman'. Once this had finished we walked round to the nature area where Mrs Roberts had lit a camp fire.  The children 30 minutes to explore the area. They had fun climbing, digging, poking, prodding, stamping and building with all the natural resources they could find. Next we sat with Mrs Roberts to watch the flames dancing in the fire. After we went over to the school field and looked for sticks to make a 'Stickman’ with, we took them back to the classroom and made our Super Stickmen. Throughout the afternoon the children had time to paint stickmen, cut out stickmen and visit the nature area again. 

Term 1

Fun in the mud kitchen

Fun in the mud kitchen

Gist RoadSafety

Gist visited the school to talk about Road Safety. All the children listened to Dave and Lasdlo talking about how to be safe while crossing the road and the dangers of lorries and other vehicles. As a special treat all the children then got to sit in the lorry. 

Stop, Look, Listen

Phonics and Numeracy

Harvest Festivals

The children have been learning about the reasons we celebrate a Harvest Festival.

Mrs Flack bought a story of Sammy Spider to school for us to share. Sammy Spider lives with a family who celebrate the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot.

Sense of Taste

For our topic work the children tried a variety of foods. Some were nice and others were not so.
We looked at : sour, sweet, sharp, fishy, dry, spicy and cheesy foods.

NSPCC Sponsored Walk

On Friday 30th September Reception class walked a mile around the school field in aid of NSPCC.

Introducing Me

Our topic for this term is ‘Introducing Me’. The children have been spending time talking about 'people who are special' to them and painted some lovely pictures of their special people. 
Also, during a circle time session the children spoke about how they helped people/children, after they made some fabulous helping hands pictures.

People who are special to us

We have helping hands

Our first PE lesson

Reception's First Day