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Year 1 Class

We can not believe that we have just started the final term of the year! But before we can relax for the summer holidays we have another jam packed term to fit in first.

Our theme this term is Castles. Throughout the term we will be writing non chronological reports about castles and fitting in some story writing. We will be learning about King Harold, The Battle of Hastings, 1066 and William the Conquerer. 

We are even going to try and attempt to recreate the Bayeux Tapestry!

Building Castles



Planting Seeds



Using Scales

Our pizza making afternoon

Science Week

We all had a fantastic time during Science week. In our class we carried out lots of investigations about nature and colour. It was lots of fun and we saw lots of amazing things happen. We can't wait to do it again!

Passover Foods

Class 1 World Book Day

We had an amazing time dressed as our favourite book character.

Shrove Tuesday

We all enjoyed flipping our pancakes then adding our favourite toppings before eating them. Yum yum!

This term our topic is Handa’s Surprise.

Handa has already sent us on a fruit treasure hunt. We had to solve the clues to locate the packages.

Inside each package there were various delicious tropical fruits that are in the story.

During the afternoon we had a tasting session which was very yummy, apart from the avocado which wasn’t liked by many!

Soon we will be tasting and describing fruits that are grown in the United Kingdom which will also be fun.

In Maths so far we have been working on measures – length and capacity which has been really interesting and useful skills to have.

Last Thursday we had a very special visitor in class. Scout the reading dog came to see us all and his grown up read us all a story. We really enjoyed having them in our classroom and can’t wait until they come back again.


In our Science afternoon we have been digging for treasure and used magnets to find out if it was a magnetic material or not.

Testing Materials

Chinese New year

Ahoy me hearties!

This term in Class 1 we are all pirates being led by Captain Halden. Throughout the term we will be sailing the oceans and the seas.

Please look at our termly newsletter to find out more information.

The first week back was very exciting!

We found a treasure map and a key in the classroom which we had to follow to find and dig up the treasure!

The pirate who had buried the treasure then sent us a letter and a book called The Night Pirates for us to read. So exciting! Shiver me timbers!

The holiday homework based on pirates that came into school was amazing! So a huge thank you to everyone who joined in and help make the creations. They are proudly displayed in the hall or within the classroom for all to see.

Christmas Update

The children really enjoyed working with Money during our Maths lessons.

Throughout the week everyone had to earn money, add it together at the end so that they could buy lots of goodies from the class shop that opened.

Everyone enjoyed participating in Christmas jumper day!

Here are some of the Christmas inspired activities that the children really enjoyed doing within the classroom at the end of term.

Santa letter writing.      

Smile for the camera!

Making sparkling snowflakes.

Playing with homemade fake snow.


In RE this term we have been looking at celebrations that different religions celebrate.

The children had lots of fun making a menorah. This is the candle holder that the Jewish religion use to celebrate Hanukkah which is  called “The Festival of Lights”.


Last week we were all busy working in Maths learning about Place Value – how to represent tens and ones using dienes blocks but also sticks and marbles. It was a lot of fun taking Maths outside.

This week in Maths we are learning all about measuring length – using multilink cubes and rulers.

What a very busy term we have all had in Class 1!

In Maths we have been counting up to 20, adding one more and one less.

Adding 2 digits together.

Finding doubles and then halves.

Finding 2d shapes in our school grounds and then making our own dinosaurs using the shapes.

In History we found out about Mary Anning the famous fossil hunter. In the classroom we had our own excavation dig. Everybody had a turn at very carefully chipping away the rock to find the surprise inside.

It was sooooooo much fun!

We all walked around the school field 10 times to raise money for the NSPCC. It was hard work but it improved our fitness levels, even Mrs Halden’s.

Our memorable experience was the visit to the Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norwich. We all travelled on a big coach and when we got there we had to go on a dinosaur trail to find all of the different dinosaurs.

We saw Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and many many more! Every now and then we could hear them roar!!!!!!!!!!! At the moment we are getting ready for our Harvest festival which is at the end of this week.