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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Year 1

Welcome back after the half term break.

This will be the last term as Class 1 as we know it.

Our topic this term is all about Space and we have lots of very exciting and interesting things to do. Here are some of the homework projects that the children created during the half term and they are absolutely amazing and have pride of place within the classroom.

Year 1 Class Staff

Mrs Halden

Miss Haden

Class Teacher

Miss Hume


Teaching Assistant Mornings

Miss Markillie

Miss Markillie

Teaching Assistant Afternoons


This week we have had lots of fun doing Art. On Monday we looked at Wassily Kandinsky and recreated his art work using our Space theme. We painted circles using poster paints. We even had to mix paint to create the different colours that we wanted. We then decided on either an astronaut or a rocket silhouette to add the final touch to our artwork.

Today we have all had a go at felting. It was so much fun and a bit messy but we all really enjoyed ourselves.

Our First Swimming Session

Likes and Dislikes


In our RE lessons we have been learning about the religion of Islam and comparing it to Christianity.

We all designed our own prayer mats and then followed Wudu – the preparation of prayer for Muslims.

Washing our hands 5 times.

Washing our faces 5 times.

Washing our feet 5 times.

We then followed the sequence of prayer movements that Muslims follow every time they pray. We discussed how different this is compared to how we prepare for prayer and pray as a Christian.

World Book Day!


This term we are discovering all about Pioneers!

Lots of our work will be focussed on Science and thinking scientifically but also lots of DT will be included. Designing, making, testing and evaluating machines.

On our first day back we had a WOW afternoon where we were able to use any of the given equipment in the hall to design and build anything that we wanted. It was amazing!!!!! We all had so much fun.

Homework Projects

A massive thank you to all of you who have brought in homework projects. Yet again the response has been amazing and the work that has been brought in has been fantastic to look at and share within the class.


So far this term in Maths we have already had fun problem solving using measures. We had to draw an outline and work out how to find out whose is the longest. We had hands and bare feet everywhere but it was fun to do.

Gymnastics 14 February

Tennis 14 February

Solve 1 step problems using addition and subtraction 1 February

Investigating Materials 28 January

Pirates have arrived!

We found a treasure map in the classroom and had to locate the X.

We found "X marks the spot" in the Forest School area. Everyone had a turn at digging and eventually we found a buried wooden treasure chest. Whoop whoop!

Inside when we opened it up we found jewels, coins, compass, eye patches and a telescope.

We wonder who left it there!!!!!!

Many thanks to everybody who helped to complete the homework topic task. The end results are fantastic and everybody has really enjoyed sharing their work with the rest of the children within the class.

Children in Need 16 November

Today we celebrated Children in Need by coming to school dressed in as many different rainbow colours that we could.

Jedi Moves!

Road Safety

PE 1 November

Harvest Festival 23 October

RE 16 October

In RE lesson we are discussing who made the world? What or who we think God is and how do they look?

The children all have their own and interesting ideas to answer all of these questions.

Roots to Food 11 October

Anderby Creek

Andrew Goldsworthy 5 October

This week we have been learning all about the artist Andrew Goldsworthy. We have looked at his sculptures and decided which ones we like and why.

We had to design our own sculpture and then go out onto the school field to collect all of the natural objects to use.

We collected leaves, pine cones, conkers, feathers and sticks.

We had lots of fun making our fantastic masterpieces!

School Parliament

Class 1 children volunteered to become School Parliament members. Their names went into a hat and 2 names were pulled out. The lucky girl and lucky boy are now Parliament members and will represent Class 1.

We have been working very hard in Maths finding out and writing the number bonds of 10. We have used lots of equipment and played games to help us remember them.

Number Bonds

We have been working very hard in Maths finding out and writing the number bonds of 10. We have used lots of equipment and played games to help us remember them.

Roald Dahl Day 14 September

Today was Roald Dahl day. We were allowed to come to school dressed as our favourite character from one of his books. During the day we did a lot of different activities but our favourite one was making our own "Marvellous Medicine"!

Digging 14 September

On Wednesday afternoon we all put our wellies on and went to the Forest School area to go and explore the hole that is in there.

We all had a go at digging down deep to see what we could find.

It was very exciting!

Unfortunately all we found was a lot of mud, stones and branches. Maybe better look next time.

Holiday Projects 5 September

any thanks for the holiday project homework that you have sent in they are absolutely amazing! Very imaginative and colourful. They will make a fantastic display in the classroom but also in the hall for everyone to see./p>