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Mr Wright

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Children will receive
either Maths or English homework on a Friday and will be expected to be back in school on the Wednesday. Spellings will go out on the Monday and will be tested on the following Monday.

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Year 3 Class

On this page we will be sharing with you some of the brilliant things we do in class.


This week we have been looking at fractions and identifying what the fraction would be with each colour of skittles. The children each had a bag of skittles and this was the whole set. From there, they had to sort them into the colours and find the fraction of each one. When they had done that, they were given some questions to further their learning. As a small treat, the children were given a skittle, however, this did mean that all the fractions changed, so we had to start again.

World Book Day

The children had lots of fun for the World Book Day dressing up as their favourite characters. We’ve had some Wallys, princesses, Alices and lots of other interesting characters. Can you find Wally and Wenda in the photos below? The children also had the chance for their parents to come and listen to the children read, before Mr. Wright read the class story to all the children and parents. Overall it has been a really enjoyable day for all.


This term we will be learning all about the famous Titanic. The Titanic was a luxurious cruise ship that set sail from Belfast. However, it wasn't all pleasant. Can you guess what happened?

World Thinking Day

Virtual tour to Italy

We have only been back to school one week and already we have started to have some amazing times creating our own passports and jetting off on a virtual tour to Italy. The children had the passports checked, bags checked and also had a virtual metal detector.

Roman Wow Day

On Monday, the children all took part in the Roman Wow Day. There was so much to enjoy, including making their own Roman shield, playing Roman games, baking their own bread and taking part in a Roman War dance to name a few. There was even a time to use a water pistol to see if they could protect themselves using the Roman testudo formation.  It was a thoroughly fun day and all the children loved it! Also, parents came to take part and I would like to thank them for their help and kind words from the day. 

 The day started off watching some Rotten Romans to get them in the mood for the day

 After that, the children then used lollipop sticks to see if they could make maths calculations using Roman Numerals. William’s team had some incredibly creative and inventive ideas!!

 In the afternoon we tested out the children’s shield to see how good their turtle formation was. Some children were more successful than others. My Roman costume was authentic (apart from the trainers)

 The children took part in the Roman War Dance and although we didn’t have a Colosseum, we cheered for who we wanted to win!

 We finished off the day, with the children able to eat their own Roman bread and try other things such as pomegranate and figs and dates. 

Maths Work

The children have had a fantastic start this term in Maths and have been looking at place value with pounds and pence. 


The children have only been back one week, but they have already been enjoying learning all about forestry with Mrs. Roberts. The children are thoroughly loving it and looking forward to what will happen in the following week.

Samba Drums

We have also started learning the Samba drums using all the different instruments. It's incredibly noisy, but we're playing some amazing music.

Worship Councillors and MPs

Congratulations to the new Worship Councillors and School Parliament members. We are very pleased to have them as an addition to the team. They are very much looking forward to their responsibilities throughout the year!