Church of England
Primary School

Year 3

Anglo Saxons

This term our topic is Anglo Saxons, throughout this topic we are going to learn:


Children will continue to focus on multiplication and division. We will be learning how to use the grid method in order to multiply. We will also be learning about measurements and fractions.


Children will be learning about persuasive writing and will be working towards writing their own persuasive text. Children will learn about the structure and language features of persuasive texts. Our persuasive texts will link to our topic of the Anglo Saxons.


This term children will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons. In History we will learn about who the Anglo Saxons were, where they come from and what life was life for them.

In Geography children will learn to locate the 7 kingdoms on an Atlas and recognise that many of the names of towns and villages came from the Anglo Saxons.


In Science children will be using a range of materials to make their own Anglo Saxon inspired boat. We will be thinking scientifically and testing to see which materials will allow our boats to float.

Night At The Theatre

On the 8th March, children were able to go to the South Holland Centre to watch ‘Night at the Theatre’. The story started with, ‘When three friends find an abandoned theatre, little do they know they will soon become the stars of their own show…'

The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and they were able to see how dance was able to be incorporated into the performance.

After the performance was finished, children were able to ask some questions. We were able to find out about the team’s background, as well as learning about how they show was put together. Overall, it was really enjoyable experience.

Year 3 Class Staff

Miss Shaw

Miss Shaw

Class Teacher

Mr Norman

Teaching Assistant

Miss Markillie

Mrs Markillie

Teaching Assistant

Children will receive
either Maths or English homework on a Friday and will be expected to be back in school on the Wednesday. Spellings will go out on the Monday and will be tested on the following Monday.

Anglo Saxon Boats 1 February

Year 3 are working hard to make their boats. I wonder if they’ll float like the Anglo Saxon boats we’ve been learning about?

Trombones 18 Jan

Year 3 have been learning to play the trombones. We are getting more confident each week, we can even play along to music now!

Anglo Saxon boat 18 Jan

George has made a fantastic Anglo Saxon boat for our topic. He has used cardboard to make his Anglo Saxon boat, I wonder if it would float?

Gymnastics 18 Jan

Year 3 are becoming experts at gymnastics. We were practicing holding balances and mirroring our partners.

Speed Stacking 18 Jan

Speed Stacking

We learnt how to speed stack during PE. It is a lot harder than it looks but the children made quick work of stacking towers, we even had a mini competition.

Digestive System 10 Jan

Making our own digestive system

In Science we made our own digestive system. The children made their own stomach, intestines and even learnt about how our bodies get rid of waste. They loved talking about going to the toilet!

Weaving 10 Jan

In art we have been learning to weave. The children worked hard in groups to make their own weaving project. We found it difficult to work with fabric on such a large scale but we had a great time and learnt a new skill.

Number Frames 8 Jan

Year 3 used Number Frames to multiply and divide. We are growing in confidence.

Year 3 enjoying Christmas Jumper Day. 15 December

Year 3 working hard in Gymnastics

Year 3 playing a maths game to help us learn about Commutative Law

Creating Crows

Year 3 enjoyed working with Mashi Theatre Artists to create crows that they could then use in their own performance. The crows were made out of bin bags, pipe cleaners, stick on eyes and polystyrene balls. We all had a great time!