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Year 5 Class

On this page we will be sharing with you some of the brilliant things we do in class. You can find out about the learning we have planned for the weeks ahead in our Class Newsletter.


Every time we finish a spelling unit in class we use this app to practice the words that have featured as part of that spelling unit. The app that we use is called Wordbrain and is completely free. If you have it, or are allowed to get it, download the app and enter the codes below to fetch this week’s puzzles…

Made with Padlet

World Thinking Day, 22 February

As today is World Thinking Day our children have been allowed to wear the uniform of any Cub, Scout or Brownie groups that they may belong to.


On Friday February 3rd years 5 and 6 had some Viking visitors for the day. Helfskega and Ragnar came and showed the children how the Vikings lived, fought and survived during their time in the UK between 791AD and 1066. During the day the children got to handle genuine Viking artefacts including swords, chain-mail and even a fully-functional Viking padlock! They also got to see how Viking children lived and what jobs they may have had to do. Ragnar took the children outside and showed them a number of common Viking battle formations, and year 5 faced off against year 6.

All of the children said that they had a really fantastic day and enjoyed all of the activities. As a school we would like to extend our thanks to Ragnar and Helfskega from Black Knight Historical for their enthusiasm and help during the day. They were truly wonderful!


In year 5 we use an interactive online quiz app called Kahoot! to test our knowledge.


If you want to know how we teach some of the maths concepts that the children learn during their time in school then we would recommend some of the videos from this youtube channel. Although based loosely on the american system of calculation, a lot of the videos, especially the ones on common written methods of calculation are very helpful for learning methods and understanding how we do things.

Maths Antics now even has a website with some free activities and resources that can be used for reference, but not general teaching. 

Math Antics website


Year 5 have written some code for their own games this morning. Can you decipher what it does?

Christmas Jumper Day

Year 5 have enjoyed wearing their Xmas Jumpers today.

Mystery Shelf

Year 5 had a big sort out in our reading area today. We had a big talk about which books we should keep in our reading area and which ones we would like to see added. We then started developing the 'mystery shelf' by wrapping some books in brown paper. This way we get the opportunity to read different books without judging them by their covers. Mr Copeman has then said that he will add new 'mystery' books as time goes on for us to explore.

GIST Road Safety


This term, during their Friday Afternoon sports sessions, Year 5 and Year 6 are working on the skills needed when playing Tag Rugby. They have been practising passing the ball using the 'cradle pass' and the 'pop pass'. They have also been working on their speed and agility at evading opponents during the game to avoid being tagged. Everyone is enjoying the challenge!

One Named Peter, One Named Paul

Year 5 have been having fun working with ACT II today practicing for their upcoming performance in the play, One Named Peter, One Named Paul. Letters about the performance will come home tonight with the children."


Sketching Greek Architecture

Samuel has been working at sketching Ancient Greek architecture using the new app on his iPad "Paper" by 53.

School Parliament

Congratulations to Maddison and Leeland who are our new class representatives on the school parliament.

Coding Challenge

Year 5 are busy solving coding challenge this afternoon.