Church of England
Primary School

Year 5

During both the summer terms, our topic is ‘All Around the World’. We have previously had two topics with a heavy historical focus (World War 2 and Mysterious Maya) therefore our final topic for this year has a geographical focus.


We are going to be learning about settlements and settlement sites. We will explore human and physical features of a landscape and identify landmarks in the United Kingdom. We will also explore land use and how the location of the land affects settlements and how the land use has changed over time. Furthermore, we will look at the planned implementation of HS2 and the effect that it will have on land use across the country and use this to write a discussion text. Year 5 will also explore trade, imports, exports and fair trade. We will be identifying the main items that are imported and exported and show this data on a bar chart. In addition, we will be given world maps to find the countries that we import and export from/to and finally given a country we will research and find the items that it exports to the UK.


We will be using Minecraft to model to the children that there are a number of different biomes, or areas, that occur and that this is something that also happens in the modern world. Year 5 will then compose a musical piece/soundtrack to accompany the landscape that they are looking at.

Design Technicians

The children will make a moving poster to highlight the benefits of recycling. To make the poster move, they will need to use mechanisms. We will be focusing on levers and linkages.


Our science topic is ‘Forces’. We will learn that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object. We will identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction, that act between moving surface. Furthermore, we will recognise that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

The Crucifixion

As part of the church flower festival, year 5 have depicted a 3D model of the crucifixion. We used Mod Roc and newspaper to create rocks. We then painted the base and the rocks suitable colours. We went into our forest school area and collected twigs to create crosses. We used moss and gravel and stones to add the finishing touches.

Science 14 May

Our topic is forces. We have learnt that mass is the amount of matter inside of an object which is measured in KG. Additionally, we have learnt that weight is a measure of how much gravity is acting on an object which is measured in Newtons. We did an investigation into weight and mass and we measured both of these in relation to an object. We used a Newton meter and scales. We found out that the larger an objects mass then the larger the amount of Newtons were acting upon it. 

Finding out the mass of objects in Kg. This is the amount of the stuff inside an object.

Swimming 11 May

Now its the summer term, the children have been enjoying the opportunity to swim using a range of different strokes.


The year 5 children have been learning how to say what the weather is like in French. They have used this knowledge to create weather forecasts. 


Maya Pottery

Year 5 have now been able to finish their pottery pieces. They decorated them with paint and glazed them.

P bones

The year 5 children have learnt how to alter their p bone to play a D note and a C note. They have used these skills to play the DeeCee’s blues.

Easter 28 March

On the last day of term, we attended the church for an Easter service. We then enjoyed an Easter bunny hunt. 

Maya Pottery

In year 5, we researched existing Maya pottery. We sketched our own designs. We made our designs using different types of clay, including terracotta. Some of our designs had pots and handles. We used stencils and clay tools to make intricate designs. After the holidays, we are going to finish our pottery pieces by painting them. 


Lincolnshire Wildlife Park 26 February

Year 5 have been learning about living things and their habitats in Science. As part of this the children have looked at differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird and also the process of reproduction in some plants and animals. To complement our learning, Year 5 went on a trip to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park on Monday 26th February 2018.

The day’s experience included: a guided tour, where we got to see lots of animals; an enrichment activity, where we made boxes with meal worms for meerkats to enjoy; reptile handling, we held bearded dragons and snakes and the opportunity to be up close and personal with parrots in the walk-through enclosure.

Maya holiday projects 23 February

These are just some of the wonderful holiday projects we have received. Thank you for any support you may have given your children in creating these fantastic projects to showcase their knowledge of the Maya so far.

Maya gods 23 February

We have been learning about the religious beliefs of the Maya. We have learnt that the Maya believed in and worshipped a number of different gods.

They believed that the gods had a good side and a bad side and that they could help or hurt them. The Maya would dance, sing and sometimes make offerings of blood to the gods to demonstrate their respect and loyalty. Using our new knowledge, we have created our own Maya god and created a fact file about them. Click on the covers below to see the fact files.

E-safety 5 February

Tuesday February 6th is Safer Internet Day and as a school that embraces the use of digital technology in our curriculum it is the kind of day that we relish. Year 5 children have explored how they can stay safe online as well as who they can talk to should they see something that is inappropriate. We have produced a set of instructions to help us stay safe.

Art and Design 31 January

We believe that every child is an artist. We have taken inspiration from Picasso and his famous abstract art work.

French 24 January

In year 5, the children have been learning how to have basic conversations including: asking and answering how someone is, asking and answering their name and asking and answering where they live. Our two main topics so far have been pets and talking about what the date is including their birthday. Click on the pictures below to see some our work.

Science 15 January

Year 5’s topic is living things and their habitats. We have been learning about plants and their different parts and the specific function of each. We have also been looking at the way plants reproduce. We have taken some cuttings from a mother plan and are hoping to see them reproduce to make a new plant which will be an identical clone of its mother plant.

Gymnastics 12 January

Year 5 have been learning to complete paired balances.

Jaberwocky 8 January

Physical Education 24 November

This term, the children have been having dance sessions with Miss Cox on a Friday afternoon as part of a dance competition we have entered as a school. They have been creating a dance routine inspired by the Nutcracker. The children took on the roles of rats, soldiers and ballerinas.

Branching stories

The year 5 and year 6 children have been working together to create their own branching stories. We began by watching the short video clip 'Origins' and then the children decided on alternative middles and endings to the film shown. The children then planned and have written their own individual sections. They have then used Book creator to design and publish their stories.

Children in need

On Friday 17th November, we supported children in need through non-uniform and a cake stall.

Harvest Festival

World War Two

As our topic is World War Two, the children enjoyed a research session. They initially explored what sources of evidence are. They then found out the difference between a primary and secondary source. The children then used these sources to find out about their new topic.

Battle of Britain

The children have been learning about the Battle of Britain. They used the internet to look at results of dogfights during this period. The children then selected a day and used iMovie to create a news bulletin of the results of their battle.


On Friday 3rd November, the year 5 children enjoyed a WOW day to help them see what life was like during World War Two (our topic). When the children arrived into school, they selected a 1940’s style name and used this throughout the day. They created themselves an evacuation style name tag which they wore around their necks. They also created themselves an identification card and had to carry it around with them all day as this was the law during those times. Our first activity was to collect pinecones and sticks to help start a fire. When the fire was alight, the first group of children went to make WW2 pancakes using wholemeal flour whilst the others demolished an existing greenhouse and started to dig a trench. In the trench, the children helped to start to assemble a genuine WW2 Anderson shelter. After lunch, children helped to peel and chop vegetables for our trench stew. We cooked the stew on the fire and also enjoyed hot drinks using this a heat source. It was an enjoyable day!