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Welcome to Year 6

Our topic for the autumn term is the Ancient Greeks


The children are going to be geographers and will name and identify the countries that they know of in Europe. They will also explore the geography of both Ancient Greece and Greece as it is now and see how it has changed over time.


The children are going to be historians and discover more about the people who lived in Greece – focusing on the Spartans and Athenians. They will explore how life was different for people living in each society. They will also explore the religious beliefs of Ancient Greece and learn about their twelve key gods. Additionally, the children will learn that the Olympics actually started in Ancient Greece, and they will have the opportunity to compare past Olympic events with those still used today. Finally, the children will begin to focus on the Battle of Marathon which they will study in further detail next half term.

Meet Year 6 School Parliament

Year 6 were being democratic and held elections to vote for our new school parliament members for this academic year. The children each made speeches before a vote was undertaken. The children have elected Kyra and Jack for our class.

Kyra wanted to be school parliament, so that she can help our school develop alongside other schools. She is looking forward to working alongside teachers in our school to support with collective worships and various other bits and bobs that she might need to help with.

Jack wanted to be school parliament, so that he can help to make the school a more fun and enjoyable place for everyone to learn in. He will make collective worships interesting and make sure that people are rewarded for good work and great behaviour. He will also try to think of better clubs and opportunities for pupils to do what they enjoy.

Year 6 Class Staff

Mrs Porter

Mrs Porter

Class Teacher

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Chapman

Teaching Assistant

Greek WOW Day

On Friday 7th September, we kickstarted our new topic with a WOW day. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved learning all about Ancient Greece through a variety of activities. The children learnt a Greek Folk dance, they made home-made pitta bread and they also handmade papyrus paper. Additionally, they took part in Greek olympic events, including: running races, javelin, discus and long jump. Finally, they had the opportunity to taste Greek food items: Tzatziki, Houmous, Taramasalata, Olives, Sundried tomatoes, Feta cheese, Pomegranate seeds and Yoghurt and honey.