Church of England
Primary School

Year 6

During the Spring term, our topic is the ‘Mysterious Maya’. Throughout this topic, we are going to be:

Design technicians

We are going to be compare some of the traditions and ways of life from the Maya with ours today by undertaking food tasting. Children will have the opportunity to try tortillas, guacamole, various vegetables, and chocolate. Further to this, they will design and make their own piece of Maya pottery.


We are going to  understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom and South America. We will locate South American countries on a map alongside rivers, mountains and famous landmarks.


We are going to use sources of evidence to deduce information about the past. We will look at Maya artefacts and decide what we can learn from them. We will also describe the social diversity of a past society by creating a comic strip of the daily life of a farmer/slave or noble.

The children will also write a diary pretending to be one of these characters. The children will also create group recordings of TV reports based on one famous thing about the Maya. This may include their number and writing system. These will then be turned into a whole class documentary about the Maya.

Whilst undertaking this activity, the children will have to select suitable sources of evidence to learn about the maya from and refine their lines of enquiry.  The children will describe the characteristic beliefs of people of the past by explaining the Maya's beliefs about gods.  Using iPads, children will have the opportunity to create a tourist information leaflet on the Chechen Itza.

Spelling and Grammar 4 May

Year 6 are working hard practicing grammar and spelling skills this morning. We are very proud of all the hard work and effort that they are putting in at the moment.

Who said Year 6 was easy? 9 March

Our children have been working very hard this last week looking at algebra. They really enjoyed using letters to represent numbers and were really good at using different forms of diagram to represent the problems.

Holiday Projects 31 January

Look at the fantastic holiday projects that year 6 made for our Maya Topic. They have really helped to bring the topic to life and made for a wonderful classroom display showcasing all the children’s great learning so far.

Blitz pictures 4 December

We used our iPads to draw some silhouette pictures of what London may have looked like during the blitz.

Wordbrain 23 November

Year 6 are always hard at work but they love using Wordbrain to practice their spellings and have even started setting each other their own spelling challenges.

Branching stories

The year 5 and year 6 children have been working together to create their own branching stories. We began by watching the short video clip 'Origins' and then the children decided on alternative middles and endings to the film shown. The children then planned and have written their own individual sections. They have then used Book creator to design and publish their stories.

WW2 Posters 27 September

Year 6 have spent the afternoon looking at, and analysing, world War 2 propaganda posters. They have been researching what they meant, who they were aimed at, and what they may have been trying to say.


Year 6 had fun this afternoon trying to read Braille. Somebody asked how blind people read so we took time to investigate Braille and used pin boards to simulate the bumps of the Braille alphabet. We wrote our names and letters of the alphabet. It wasn't easy.