Church of England
Primary School

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Welcome to Year 6

Our topic for the autumn term is the Ancient Greeks


Our topic for this half-term is light. We will be doing a number of investigations during these sessions. The children will be learning that light appears to travel in straight lines and will use this to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye

They will also discover that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes They will use these concepts to understand why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them.


We are following the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus and our topic for this half-term is the big question: ‘Do you have to believe in God to be good?’ This will provide the children with an opportunity to study Humanism/atheism and conclude their own beliefs.


We are continuing to explore our topic of Ancient Greece. We will be learning about the religious beliefs of the Greeks and their Gods and Goddesses. We will learn about the origins of the Olympics and how they compare to modern day ones. We will also explore the Battle of Marathon leading to a re-enactment with Y5/6 – one side posing as Spartans and the other Athenians. The children will explore Greek pottery and have the chance to make their own. The children will learn about geographical areas including: England, Greece, North America (Mexico) and South America (Brazil). Salt dough models will be made of the countries to show our knowledge of rivers, highlands etc. Finally, we will explore the music originating from these areas. 


Since arriving back in school at the beginning of this academic year, in year 6, we have chosen to adopt a ‘Beat the teacher’ strategy where the teacher earns points for children making inappropriate choices, and the children earn points for sensible choices. At the end of each day, if the children have more points than the teacher, they can add a point to their ‘Beat the teacher’ chart. When they have earned 25 points, they will receive a whole class reward, which they can select, from given options.

I am pleased to say that the children have now successfully earned their 25 points therefore having beaten their teacher. We are very proud of their behaviour and work ethic this academic year.

After discussing their preferred reward, the children wanted to watch the film “Wonder” based on the novel by R.J Palacio. We have recently finished reading the book as our class reader.

Scan the QR code to read Year 6’s opinions on this book.



In maths, Year 6 have been learning about circles. They have been learning about the parts of a circle: radius, circumference, diameter. They have also been learning how to use a pair of compasses to draw circles accurately.

Lest We Forget 12 November

Year 6 have commemorated and remembered the centenary of the end of World War 1. We reflected on the lives that were changed irrevocably, and those that were lost.

Light 7 November

Our current science topic is light. The children have been learning that when rays of light reflect, they obey the law of reflection: The angle of incidence always equals the angle of reflection. The children did an investigation to prove this.

The children also used their understanding of reflection and the angles of incidence and reflection to make a periscope - a device for seeing over or around something. They learnt that Periscopes were first used by sailors in around 1860, who used them in submarines to see above the surface of the water. They were also used by soldiers in the First World War, to see over the top of their trenches. They are still used today by tanks and some submarines.

Road Safety with GIST 5 November

Year 6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with GIST and learn about road safety. They were reminded of the Green Cross Code, learnt about stopping distances for vehicles and had the opportunity to sit inside the cab of a lorry.

Greek Shields

In Year 6, the children have been exploring Greek shields.  They have learnt that the shield was an important aspect of Greek warfare, and as such, every Greek warrior, called a hoplite, traditionally carried one. They have learnt that traditionally they featured a huge assortment of incredible designs, ranging from Greek symbols of myth to fearsome animals, all designed to make a shield more personal and more intimidating. After exploring original Greek designs, the children worked in pairs to replicate their favourite design using card and other materials. I am sure you will agree that they look very impressive!

KS2 House Cross Country Competition 17 October

KS2 took part in a Cross Country competition around our school field. All of the children did fantastically well. Congratulations to the Year 6 winners: Theo, Jack and Ashton, who came first, second and third in their year group’s race. Sycamore were the house which won the event overall.

Holy Communion 17 October

The Year 6 children have been learning about The Last Supper and how Christians celebrate this through Eucharist/Holy Communion. The children learnt about the symbolism of bread and wine during this sacrament and even got to try some (non-alcoholic of course!).

NSPCC Workshop 15 October

The Y6 children enjoyed a workshop with the NSPCC. They learnt what to do if they are worried about something and how to speak out to a grown up that they can trust or talk to Childlike.

Speed Stacking 12 October

Due to the windy weather, Y6 were unable to do netball as usual. Therefore, they practiced their co-ordination with speed stacking. 

Root to Food 11 October

Year 6 - along with the rest of KS2 - enjoyed a food workshop led by Root to Food. They enjoyed a talk about the importance of breakfast, food groups and origins. Some children were then asked to form two cooking teams - orange and green. The children were given ingredients and had to come up with a recipe for them. The rest of the children were then assessing taste/appearance of the dishes produced. This was a fantastic event: enjoyed by all.

Science 4 October

In science, the y6 children have been learning about current and voltage. We have learnt that the current is the steady flow of electrons.

This is measured in amperes (amps). We have also learnt that voltage is the force that makes the electric current flow. This is measured in volts (V). We had a science investigation into the effect of volts on a circuit. The greater the voltage, the more current will flow. We found this made our bulbs brighter/our motors spin faster.

Macmillan Coffee Morning 28 September

The Y6 children enjoyed their first opportunity as year 6’s to have the extra responsibility of helping host the Macmillan Coffee Morning. The children enjoyed supporting this fantastic charity and helped serve visitors drinks and cakes. Thank you to everyone for the generous donations of money/cakes.

Netball 28 September

Our topic in PE is netball. The children have been learning about passing and catching, footwork (dodging and pivoting), attacking, defending and game play rules.

Greek Alphabet

During our WOW day, the Y6 children made handmade papyrus paper. We have now learnt about the Greek alphabet, and the children have been able to write their forename and surname in Greek.


The Y6 children enjoyed an E-safety talk led by the Lincolnshire County Council.

 Meet Year 6 School Parliament

Year 6 were being democratic and held elections to vote for our new school parliament members for this academic year. The children each made speeches before a vote was undertaken. The children have elected Kyra and Jack for our class.

Kyra wanted to be school parliament, so that she can help our school develop alongside other schools. She is looking forward to working alongside teachers in our school to support with collective worships and various other bits and bobs that she might need to help with.

Jack wanted to be school parliament, so that he can help to make the school a more fun and enjoyable place for everyone to learn in. He will make collective worships interesting and make sure that people are rewarded for good work and great behaviour. He will also try to think of better clubs and opportunities for pupils to do what they enjoy.

Greek WOW Day

On Friday 7th September, we kickstarted our new topic with a WOW day. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved learning all about Ancient Greece through a variety of activities. The children learnt a Greek Folk dance, they made home-made pitta bread and they also handmade papyrus paper. Additionally, they took part in Greek olympic events, including: running races, javelin, discus and long jump. Finally, they had the opportunity to taste Greek food items: Tzatziki, Houmous, Taramasalata, Olives, Sundried tomatoes, Feta cheese, Pomegranate seeds and Yoghurt and honey.