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School Improvement 2016/2017

What is a School Improvement Plan and why do we have one?

Each year we produce an Improvement Plan. The plan is the result of an analysis of the School’s needs, strengths and weaknesses as identified by our own monitoring, assessment and evaluation systems, as well as inspections and the Local Authority. The School Improvement Plan contains the long term priorities and ambitions, which the school wishes to work towards, and also short term actions which will ensure that the long term priorities are achieved.

 Why this brief overview?

The School Improvement Plan is a very full document. It is a strategic plan and, more importantly, a working document for all staff involved at Whaplode Church of England Primary School. We believe that it is important for everyone who has an interest in the future of our school to be aware of what we are striving to achieve, and of how we intend to do this. We are reliant upon the interest, advice, work and support of all those who come into the school and, as such, are anxious to provide a brief overview of our intentions.
Having defined the main areas to work upon in our school, we have established four main priorities for the coming year. The priorities are:

Priority Target 1:  Leadership and Management

To achieve outstanding school leadership

IV successful primary schools do the right things consistently well.
Vi Teaching which focuses on clear learning objectives, effective instruction for all, steps needed to make progress, feedback and assessment, is essential to children’s good progress.
Vii school leadership is key to raising standards.
(Research Reference: Qualities and Knowledge, systems and process, the self improving school system)

Priority Target 2: Quality of teaching learning and assessment.

To achieve outstanding teaching and learning

Notes from previous Ofsted
To continue to raise standards and maximise progress for all groups of pupils in Reading Writing and Maths
Improve teaching and learning so that it is consistently good or better, and improve pupils’ achievement in reading, writing and mathematics by making sure that teachers;

Priority Target 3: Outcomes for learners

All learning groups make good or better progress and gaps are closing rapidly. Reading, spelling and grammar progress is improved and 85% of pupils meet expected levels of development and are in line with national results.