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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Welcome to Reception Class

Our 30 Things Challenge

Our 30 Things Challenge is a seven year endeavour to be completed by pupils during their time with us. We have worked with children, parents, staff and governors to identify our own twenty-five tasks and combined it with five selected by our academy trust, which will be common to all children attending a LAAT school.

We have now turned these ideas into our very own “My 30 Things Passport”, which will be updated as each challenge is completed. We feel sure that you will agree that in order to meet their thirty challenges the children will be kept busy over their seven years with us!

For those children further up the school, or who join us later on in their school journey, we recognise that it may not be possible to meet all thirty before they leave us but we will endeavour to meet as many as possible in the time we have available.  

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"My 30 Things Passport"

Rain Cloud in a Jar

We have been scientists in Reception, making rain clouds in jars. We have thought very carefully about what happens to clouds when it rains and how rain forms.

Wellbeing Wednesday

All About Me

This Term we have continued on our topic, All About Me! Today we had our first ‘Wow’ afternoon exploring our senses. We thought carefully about our 5 senses and how we use them. We used our hands to feel inside boxes with blind folds on to try and guess what was inside, we used our nose to smell different pots of things such as vinegar, coffee and lemon, we used musical instruments to explore sound, we used our taste sense to try different foods ranging from chocolate, salt and vinegar crisps and lemon and we went on a sensory walk outside to see what we could hear, see and smell! What a wonderful afternoon we had.

Gingerbread Men

Following our story of the week - The Gingerbread Man, we all decorated a gingerbread man! We carefully selected what toppings we wanted to use to decorate our biscuit men with to give him a face, buttons, arms and legs. We chose from smarties, buttons, marshmallows and raisins. Wow Reception, you have done a wonderful job, they all look delicious! Yum yum.

Pumpkin Fun

We have had some large pumpkins on our outdoor area this term. To begin with, we used small, wooden hammers to push golf tees into the pumpkins to develop our fine motor control and build our muscles in our hands ready for writing and mark making. Then we emptied the pumpkins and explored what was inside. We felt the inside with our hands and used tools, utensils, spoons and different pots to play with the seeds and insides of the pumpkins. The children liked the feel of it, not so much the smell!

Handa’s Surprise

This term, one of our stories has been Handa’s Surprise. At the end of the week, we tasted all the fruits from the story including avocado, oranges, tangerines, banana, pineapple and passionfruit. Yum yum!

Friendship Bracelets

This term our value has been Kindness and Courage. We have thought about how we can be kind with our hands and feet and show kindness towards others both in our school and outside of school. In a session this week we thought about acts of kindness and how the gift of giving can make people feel loved and valued. We made friendship bracelets to give to a friend.

Harvest Festival


In Reception, we have been very busy in our phonics sessions. We have learnt lots of new sounds so far and can now read some simple words, write our sounds and also write some simple words. Look at our amazing writing  on our whiteboards! Well done Reception, you are working super hard!

Mud Kitchen