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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Welcome to Year 2

Our 30 Things Challenge

Our 30 Things Challenge is a seven year endeavour to be completed by pupils during their time with us. We have worked with children, parents, staff and governors to identify our own twenty-five tasks and combined it with five selected by our academy trust, which will be common to all children attending a LAAT school.

We have now turned these ideas into our very own “My 30 Things Passport”, which will be updated as each challenge is completed. We feel sure that you will agree that in order to meet their thirty challenges the children will be kept busy over their seven years with us!

For those children further up the school, or who join us later on in their school journey, we recognise that it may not be possible to meet all thirty before they leave us but we will endeavour to meet as many as possible in the time we have available.  

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"My 30 Things Passport"

Build A Book In A Jar 24 February

The children in Year 2 LOVE to read and quite often we get lost in our stories! So, this half term’s homework was to choose a favourite book and build this in a jar. The results are amazing. Have a look at the pictures below; can you guess which books have been built in our jars?

Year 2 Class Staff

Mrs Garner

Mrs Garner

Class Teacher

Miss Cope

Miss Cope

High Level Teaching Assisntant

Week Beginning 20th January

There’s No Place Like Home

Once again, a great big thank you for all the wonderful homework the children have bought in.

Array City

This week the children have been learning how to complete multiplication challenges. We have built an array city to show our understanding of the different ways to complete these challenges.

RE – Kindness

The children have made and written thank you cards for others in their class. We did this to define the meaning of being thankful. The children decided feeling thankful can be different things to different people. We shared our cards and we all agreed it made us feel great!

November Learning

Anti-Bullying Week WB 11th November

This week the children have been learning about bullying and the effect it has on other children’s feelings. On Friday we made some kindness confetti and threw it around, once the children had caught their confetti we sat in a kindness circle and gave our confetti to the person we thought it best described and told them the reason why. The children were amazing and wrote some beautiful things about one and other.

On the Farm Homework 4th November

As always, we have been blown away by the amazing homework completed over the half term. It was lovely to see so many children taking part in farm activities. This has really kick started our learning for the half term.

RE 31 October

In class this week we have been learning about the importance of Muslim beliefs and how we need to respect other beliefs. The children were given nine beliefs to put in order from the most to least important; this helped aid discussion about Islam and values. We then swapped activities and completed a comparison activity where the children compared Muslim and Christian values and beliefs.

Little Daffodils 29 October

As part of their centenary celebrations, Taylors Bulbs have launched a nationwide campaign to get children planting bulbs this October. As part of The ‘Little Daffodils’ initiative Baytree Garden Centre visited us on Wednesday to deliver pots, bulbs and compost. We were so pleased to be able to give the children the opportunity to learn more about nature and grow their own flowers. It would be wonderful to see some pictures once the daffodils have bloomed.

Madagascar Homework 6 September

We would like to say a massive thank you for all of the children’s amazing pieces of homework! We have enjoyed hearing about the animals in Madagascar.

Animals UK 1 October

Wow! We have had the most amazing morning this morning; we have been learning about African animals!

Perfect PE 24 September

This week the children have been showing off in their gymnastics lessons. We can hold our balances for 3 elephants (seconds) now!

Sentence Types 24 September

We knoe our sentnece types

Week Beginning – 4th September

The Year Two’s have loved learning about place value this week. We played ‘Guess the Number’ and lots of other fun games.

Three Little Pigs Vectors by Vecteezy