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2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Year 4

 Welcome to Year 4! We have all had a lovely break and are ready to begin our Year 4 adventure together. Watch this space to see the fun we are having along the way and updates on what we are learning.

Our 30 Things Challenge

Our 30 Things Challenge is a seven year endeavour to be completed by pupils during their time with us. We have worked with children, parents, staff and governors to identify our own twenty-five tasks and combined it with five selected by our academy trust, which will be common to all children attending a LAAT school.

We have now turned these ideas into our very own “My 30 Things Passport”, which will be updated as each challenge is completed. We feel sure that you will agree that in order to meet their thirty challenges the children will be kept busy over their seven years with us!

For those children further up the school, or who join us later on in their school journey, we recognise that it may not be possible to meet all thirty before they leave us but we will endeavour to meet as many as possible in the time we have available.  

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"My 30 Things Passport"

Year 4 Class Staff

Mrs Ruck

Mrs Ruck

Class Teacher

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Mr Norman

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Investigating Sound 20 January

Using drums and rice, tuning forks in water, elastic bands and rulers, the children discovered that sounds are made when something vibrates. They then had some fun using what they had learned to communicate with each other with string telephones.

Gymnastics 20 January

Tin PE this term the children are developing their gymnastic ability. So far they have recapped rolling and jumping and have begun to transfer their floor skills to apparatus. It has been really nice to see how they support and encourage each other in these sessions.

Mosque Visit 4 December

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Faizan E Madina mosque in Peterborough. We were shown round the beautiful building by one of the Imams who answered our many questions about how Muslims worship. Not only has this experience enhanced their learning about Islam but it is also another thing ticked off our 30 things list.

Investigating leaves 20 November

In Science, the children have been learning about animals and their habitats. In this lesson, they went outside and collected different types of leaves. Back in the classroom, we identified the different characteristics that they had and discussed how those characteristics can be used to classify trees.

Making Music 20 November

This term, the children are enjoying music sessions with our music teacher Justyna. They are learning how to combine different groups of instruments to create Samba music. Miss Cope keeps forgetting her ear plugs but they are actually starting to sound pretty good!

A visit from Gist 20 November

Some lovely representatives from Gist have been into school reminding the children about the green cross code and the importance of staying safe around lorries and other vehicles. After a presentation in the classroom, we got to explore the cab of the lorry and to practise the green cross code on our imaginary road.

PE 1 November

This week in PE, Year 4 have been brushing up on key skills using a range of equipment. As well as demonstrating improved control over the balls and shuttlecock, they also showed how supportive they can be of each other with lots of praise and encouragement within the groups.

The Water Cycle 27 September

The children in Year 4 have been investigating the water cycle. We taped bags of water to the window and over the course of a few days were able to observe the processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

We love reading 16 September

Today, the children chose books to share with a friend. It was lovely to hear them read to each other and interesting to see which books they selected. While we like a longer novel in Year Four, sometimes you can’t beat a really good picture book!