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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Year 5

Connections/ DT

Da Vinci has nothing on these guys. After spending weeks studying his inventions, Year 5 got the chance to actually build their own version of this Cam-hammer. Great work guys, they look really impressive and worked well!

Our 30 Things Challenge

Our 30 Things Challenge is a seven year endeavour to be completed by pupils during their time with us. We have worked with children, parents, staff and governors to identify our own twenty-five tasks and combined it with five selected by our academy trust, which will be common to all children attending a LAAT school.

We have now turned these ideas into our very own “My 30 Things Passport”, which will be updated as each challenge is completed. We feel sure that you will agree that in order to meet their thirty challenges the children will be kept busy over their seven years with us!

For those children further up the school, or who join us later on in their school journey, we recognise that it may not be possible to meet all thirty before they leave us but we will endeavour to meet as many as possible in the time we have available.  

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"My 30 Things Passport"

Year 5 Class Staff

Mr Fulstow

Mr Fulstow

Class Teacher

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Chapman

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Class Padlet



As Year 5 are now doing PE on Tuesdays, we are studying dance! Most of us are out of our comfort zone on this one, strutting to the music, but we are all having fun learning different moves and keeping in time with the music!

Eggnauts away!

I really pity these guys! After weeks of training, they finally face their challenge of surviving a landing back on Earth. The Year 5 technician’s have been busy studying and testing different materials… let’s hope they have cracked it for the Eggnaut’s sake. It is no yoking matter for when they are scrabbled they seriously do not want to have egg on their faces….. (sorry, could not fit anymore egg puns in this)

PS: A big thank you to Mr. Phoenix for donating the Eggnaut cadets, they are eggstatic!

Harvest Festival

The return of Scout!

We are so lucky to see the return of Scout to Year 5 on Thursdays. Scout and his helper, Lorraine, are so good at helping, some of our readers, to engage with the joys of a good book, whilst he never fails to bring smiles to everyone’s faces (including the adults). Max was the first reader to be awarded Scout’s Reader of the Week Award, well done buddy.

Scout has also experienced success himself, by being awarded runner-up for best therapy dog of the year, which had of over 600 applicants. What an increasable achievement and makes us even more appreciative we have him here with us. Thank you Scout for all you do!