Curriculum  Statement of Intent

Curriculum Intent

At Whaplode, we have developed a knowledge-rich, well sequenced curriculum using guidance from the Primary Knowledge Curriculum and other subject specific guidance.  Knowledge is valued, specified and taught to be remembered.

While we follow the programmes of study for individual subjects as outlined in the National Curriculum, we strive to be creative and ambitious for our learners, empowering them to acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their lived experiences.

The curriculum is mapped out deliberately so that learning in one subject is built upon in others.  Pupils are taught to link and apply the knowledge they are gaining across subjects, thereby deepening understanding of the connections between different aspects of their learning.

We enhance the curriculum through regular trips and outings, first hand experiences, immersive subject days, visits from experts and members of the local community.   We ensure that learning is relevant to the local area and context.

As well as enabling children to develop a depth of knowledge across a range of subjects, we look to nurture within them the ability to think critically, questioning the views of others whilst building, evidencing and articulating their own.  We develop outward looking pupils who are able to engage in learning about themselves and have an understanding of the wider world.

Our curriculum prepares our pupils for life in modern British society by fostering in them attitudes and qualities which will enable them to be confident, well-educated, resilient, creative and respectful citizens of the future.